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[True Facts] Does cutting his ends make hair grow faster?

We all wondered at least once if it was possible to grow our hair faster. With an average of between 1 and 1.5 cm per month (note that not all hair is equal), patience is required to move from a long square to XXL waves.

To stimulate growth, focus on the scalp, not the extremities. Just as cranial massages can help the process (by activating blood microcirculation and nutrient supply), cutting the tips has no impact on growth rate. But contrary to popular belief on the subject – such as a cup on a full moon – this one is not all wrong.

….but facilitates hair growth

Okay, your strands won’t grow 10 cm in a month after a few scissors blows, but refreshing them has an impact! Among the elements that slows down growth, dry and split ends are in the lead: by going up on the hair fibre, they slow down growth. You think you can eliminate them without going through the barbershop? Once they’re there, it’s too late, you have to cut. On the other hand, prevent the problem with appropriate products. There, no secret, you must target treatments adapted to your hair type: the ritual will not be the same if you have dry, damaged or colored hair.

Other ways to boost your lengths

In addition to regular cutting of the tips, other tips make it easier to grow (again no miracle). If you’re used to tying your hair, take a break: too many tight hairstyles – buns, ponytails – can slow growth. At the same time, rely on vitamins (B6 strengthens the fibre and boosts its growth), adequate nutrition and enough water.

A healthy lifestyle has a direct impact on the quality of your lengths, especially during seasonal changes. Typically, the transition from summer to autumn is sometimes rough for the lengths: this is due to an overflow of keratin (boosted by the sun and heat) that falls back in the fall. As a result, the material is weakened.

Are you between two lengths? Discover how to style a square or fringe that grows back in our special feature: Solutions and hairstyles to promote hair growth.

Do you want your hair to grow faster? Do you think your lengths are stagnating? This is the case for a large number of women. This is often related to your hair type but also to the care you provide. Not to mention the regularity with which you go to the hairdresser to cut your ends!

Indeed, even if you want to have long hair, you have to go through the living room box. This helps to reboost your hair, eliminate damaged areas and allow your hair to grow faster. On the care side, don’t overdo it! There is no need to rely on a ritual that will only weaken your hair. Keep the right shampoo rhythm, ideally no more than three per week and apply your conditioners and masks weekly.

As for hairstyles, avoid overloading your hair with styling products. Lacquer or gel, applied in too large quantities, can choke the fibre and prevent your lengths from growing. When using your heating appliances, remember to protect your entire hair with appropriate care. Finally, to achieve long hair quickly and help your hair grow, avoid over-attaching it. An overly tight elastic band, repeating ponytails can prevent your lengths from growing. Make sure to leave your hair detached regularly!

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