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Top Amazing Benefits Of Hair Styling Powder

Unfortunately, hair powder is not used enough (even by hairdressers) compared to other styling products such as gel, wax or hairspray, and is a great ally in styling your hair. If women can use it to boost their volume, it is ideal for men looking for light, airy cuts. Resistant and invisible, La RĂ©dac’ tells you everything you need to know to adopt styling powder on a daily basis.

Not to be confused with hairspray or dry shampoo, styling powder is ideal for sculpting your style. Want to test it? La Belle Adresse shares with you the secrets of styling powder and tips on how to use it easily. Have a good reading!

The advantages of styling powder

  • The styling powder, with its light and non-sticky texture, gives your hair a natural volume while remaining invisible on your hair.
  • It is composed of silica and is presented in the form of talcum powder. It can be used by both men and women, for short or long cuts.
  • It is best applied to fine, flat hair because it will give it a thicker look.
  • For those who don’t have enough time to do their hair in the morning, you can give your hair a natural wavy look without weighing it down.
  • Another advantage is that the styling powder disappears easily in the shower.
  • And, last but not least, it is usually sold in the form of small very light bottles, which allows you to easily slip it into your handbag!

Styling powder, also known as volumizing or texturizing powder, is not to be confused with dry shampoo. This hair product takes the form of an ultra-light white powder similar to talcum powder and is generally contained in small bottles of about ten grams easily transportable and handy.

It is generally composed of silica, a fortifying mineral that instantly strengthens the hair structure to allow your hairstyles to gain volume.

How to use styling powder?

  • If applied incorrectly, styling powder can leave white marks at the root of your hair and make it pasty. It is therefore essential to know how to use it properly.
  • On dry hair, apply the powder directly from the bottle 20 cm from your scalp, to avoid leaving white marks. Lift your hair and distribute the powder evenly with your fingers over the less visible parts of your scalp. Don’t forget your neck and temples, to get a uniform and natural look. Once the powder is applied, massage your scalp with your fingertips to loosen the roots and create the desired volume.
  • To achieve a wavy effect on long or medium-length hair, apply styling powder to the lengths, then work your hair strands with your fingers. This will give you the desired natural effect.
  • For more structured hairstyles, such as a “tousled effect” bun, for example, apply the powder to your coarsely made bun. This will help to fix the strands in battle and maintain your hairstyle.
  • Now you know the secret to giving volume to your hair and creating structured styles with styling powder.

If you are already a fan of this styling solution, don’t hesitate to share your tips in comments.

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