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Straight and thick hair: how to give it movement?

“The gradient is for you! Indeed, this technique instantly gives volume to your hair. As the strands overlap, they create movement and an impression of density. Depending on the desired result, you need a gradient on the front, on the cover or on the tips. Be careful not to overuse it in order not to impoverish the material. ”

Wave your strands with the S-Waves

“S-Waves is not a perm that curls or curls hair. It softens the hair fiber and gives shape to your lengths to obtain a natural wavy effect. This is an exclusive service that lasts about 5 weeks depending on the thickness and length of your hair. ”

“During the realization, your hairdresser will know how to adapt the intensity of the product according to your hair. ”

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“Don’t worry: there is no risk of damaging your hair as this technique is performed by a professional. A little tip: every morning, work on your waves with a few Beach Spray sprays to define them further. ”

Use a heating device for a temporary result

“If you do not wish to use technical or chemical action, working with heat is mandatory. To do this, first apply a thermo-active treatment to protect your lengths. Then take your smoothing iron, select a thick enough strand of hair and spray Design spray. Finally, give it the desired movement with your device and fix it with a little lacquer. Repeat this procedure over the entire hair. ”

To go further, discover how to highlight your thick hair!

Choose products adapted to thick hair

To be healthy, hair needs nutrition and hydration. Avoid products that contain silicone at all costs, which only encompasses the hair without providing it with the nutrients it needs. Instead, rely on natural formulas, rich in vegetable oils, that will work in depth. Hydration is also one of the keys to controlled volume. Do not hesitate to invest in a hair cream that you can apply daily when styling. It will be a great help to keep your hair shiny and disciplined. If you have curly hair, be aware that it will tend to be dry by nature. To keep them in good condition, use a deep mask once a week, which you should leave on for at least one hour before shampooing. You can use a ready-made product or prepare your own mixture with vegetable oils, shea butter or aloe vera gel, for example. Finally, always finish your shampoo with a conditioner that will help maintain hydration.

Finding the right haircut

A cut adapted to your hair type will save you time in the morning, and will also allow you to highlight your hair. Take the time to choose your hairdresser carefully and do not hesitate to test several if you are not completely satisfied. A degraded cut will help to better distribute the volume. If necessary, your hairdresser can also remove some of the thickness from your hair with special scissors. If you have straight hair, slightly tapered cuts may also fit. Also think about hairstyles that will help you control your volume. To be quiet all day long without neglecting your style, you can choose a braid. There are many variations: you will inevitably find one that you like! Accessories such as the headband will also be very practical to beautify your hairstyle and better distribute the volume.

Adopt the right actions to discipline your hair on a daily basis

Without knowing it, you may have adopted habits that are not suitable for your thick hair. When drying, use a microfibre towel instead, which will absorb excess water without drying your hair out. Prefer to dry in the open air, after applying a dab of moisturizing lotion. To avoid the volume, you can also finish drying by braiding. Like many people, you probably sleep with your hair down, and that’s a mistake! By sleeping with a bun, you will avoid rubbing and frizz when you wake up. Your hair will be preserved and less voluminous in the morning. We will also avoid elastics which tend to promote breakage.

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