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How to style your thick hair?

A few simple tips, adapted treatments, gestures to perform or well-chosen hairstyles, can enhance the volume of a hair while controlling it. Lidija Fairbanks, your online beauty advisor, explains how to style your thick hair in a few steps using the only best ionic hair brush.

Moisturize your hair

One of the first tips to adopt to control the volume of thick hair is to hydrate it well. Indeed, this will make them more flexible, and therefore reduce their volume.

To hydrate your hair fibre in depth, you can for example add a few drops of argan oil or a dab of shea butter to your usual shampoo. These two components, rich in vitamin E and moisturizing, will hydrate and weigh down your hair.

Use appropriate care for thick hair

The use of thick hair care products is important. On the shampoo and conditioner side, choose products that are adapted to the nature of your hair. It is indeed necessary to smooth and weigh your hair fiber, to avoid frizz and reduce volume.

Then, you can apply a repairing serum. This will help to repair your hair, and control its volume. For example, you can choose Biology’s Bi-Serum Repairing, composed of natural extracts of Laminaria Saccharina antioxidant algae, a marine active ingredient that helps to treat hair. Finally, do not hesitate to apply a smoothing cream on all your lengths.

Control the volume of your hair

If you dry your hair with a hair dryer, forget about the heat diffuser, which will increase volume. Instead, it is advisable to wring out your hair with a towel and let it dry in the open air.

You can of course choose hair straightening: indeed, it is probably the best way to reduce your volume as much as possible!

Finally, don’t forget to tie your hair at night: rubbing it on the pillow will increase volume, and you may find yourself with frizz that will amplify the impression of volume.

Choose a suitable hairstyle

There are many styles to enhance thick hair while reducing its volume.

If the braid is undoubtedly a sure thing, you can also opt for a tight or loose bun or a simple ponytail.

Finally, don’t hesitate to dare to use hair accessories, such as headbands or thick hair clips, which are back in fashion and will easily tame the volume of your hair.

With these tips, you can say goodbye to your lioness mane, and control the volume of your hair, by choosing trendy hairstyles!

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