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Hair care: When to cut your ends? Signs that do not deceive

We often hear that you have to cut the ends regularly to get beautiful hair. But that’s not all it is. Cutting the tips actually prevents breakage and keeps a nice cut. The tips are easily damaged: dry, split or tapered, they give the impression that the lengths are less dense, which is not aesthetic. And if nothing is done, the hair eventually breaks. It will then be necessary to cut frankly to start again on a healthy basis, because no hair care product can magically stick broken hair back together, no matter what the ads say!

Signs to watch for

These signs are good indicators that it is time to cut off the spikes:

– Forks: they are recognizable by their forked tip, which is why they are called for. Since it is necessary to cut 1 to 2 centimetres above the fork, and since the fork has the annoying habit of spreading quickly over the length, it is better to say that it is not necessary to wait too long to act.

– Dry, brittle hair: a good cut and plenty of moisture will restore your hair’s plumbness.

– Flagada curls: when curls lack definition and no longer curl properly at the ends, it’s time to take a look at the hairdresser.

Finding the right pace

Some say that spikes should be cut every month, others say once every three to four months. In truth, you must take into account the cut you want, the nature of your hair, its actual state of health and the visible signs mentioned in the previous paragraph.

There is only one constant: when your hair is making the head, don’t wait too long to cut!

Spacing the cuts

If you want to let your hair grow, it is possible to space the cuts as long as you use good hair care. By providing your hair with the care it needs, you can prevent or delay the appearance of dry or split ends. To do this, use moisturizing and nourishing treatments that sheath and strengthen hair. Also limit products that damage the hair fiber, such as certain aggressive colorings or permanents, as well as the abuse of straighteners and hair dryers.

You will have understood it: cutting the ends of her hair is the only solution when moisturizing care is not enough to eliminate dry and split ends. Be careful, however: this does not accelerate hair growth but promotes it. Indeed, damaged ends are a brake to the growth of your hair and cutting them will only be beneficial to restore “normal” growth (between 1 and 1.5 cm per month on average). Cutting 2-3 cm of hair (or more if necessary) will refresh your cut and eliminate the tips that slow down the growth.

But cutting the tips can also be a way to remove the forks but also to prevent them. In the end: when to cut the ends of her hair?

When to cut the ends of hair?

It all depends on the objective you are aiming for: if you don’t have forks but want to boost your lengths and keep your hair beautiful, it can be interesting to cut the ends every 3 to 4 months. Of course, this rhythm will depend on the condition of your hair and the cut you want. This small preventive scissor stroke will prevent the formation of split ends and prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle.

For hair that already has split ends and/or lacks moisture, you will need to cut 1 to 2 centimetres above the fork. If they persist, cut off the ends every month as a supplement to moisturizing and nourishing treatments. Also apply natural masks for dry hair to deeply rehydrate your hair and prevent the formation of new split ends.

You now know when to cut your tips and how to delay this step. To your scissors!

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