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Every hairstyle requires preparation before it can be done. So why are we still waiting until Sunday night at 10:00 p. m. to ask ourselves if we want to have a nice twistout the next day? If you’re not one of those people, that’s great, frankly! But for the rest of us, despite all our good will, it’s still the same thing! 😩

Twistout (Vanilla defeated in English) is one of the most famous hairstyles when it comes to natural hair. Although this semi-protective hairstyle is often considered easy to achieve by some, it still presents some difficulties for many Afro-descendant women.

We, at Ma Coiffeuse Afro, share with you our 6 secrets to make your twistout a success every time.

The secrets to a successful twistout

Secret #1 – Always start with hair that is washed, detangled and hydrated.

It is always easier to handle your hair after a deep and moisturizing mask; your hair and scalp are therefore clean and will be more receptive to the products used to make your twistout. Keep a spray on hand to moisten hair as many times as possible. Don’t be afraid of water, girls, your hair needs it and it helps you style your hair more easily!

Secret №2 – Use a moisturizing cream for your vanilla

This cream will further intensify the hydration of your hair. You may have already heard of the LOC method: Liquid (water) – Oil (oil of your choice) – Cream (moisturizer). This is one of the methods that really helps to maximize the hydration of your hair. Water provides the first hydration, oil seals the hydration provided by the water and moisturizing cream will provide another layer of hydration to properly accommodate the hairstyle that will be done. Some people prefer to put the oil after the cream to seal everything at once, this is the LCO method (Liquid – Cream – Oil). To each his own method… as long as it works!

There are a multitude of choices of moisturizers for all budgets. A sure thing and a classic for me is shea butter or shea butter whipped cream but it can be heavy for some people. Another product that we hear a lot about is Shea moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Activilong’s Black Castor Oil Hair Butter.

Secret №3 – Volume or definition: Make your choice!

If you are a fan of volume, choose a medium to large size vanilla, but if you want your hair strands to be well defined, then choose small size vanilla.

Secret №4 – Take your time to make your vanilla

This is why it is probably not very wise to make your vanilla on Sunday evenings at 10pm because you may spend part of the night there… unless you are an expert in the subject! 😉

To do your twists, take a portion of hair, divide that portion of two strands of hair and twist the strands to the ends, while making sure your hair is always well hydrated and detangled. The ends tend to be the driest part of your hair – which explains the breakage and dry hair – so feel free to comb or brush one last time and add a little moisturizer before finishing your vanilla. Do the same thing all over your head.

Secret №5 – The afro comb is your friend!

Once your twists are done, let them dry completely: you put on a satin scarf or hat and go to sleep (if you do your hair at night) or do other things. Be sure to let it dry completely if you don’t want to end up with a big, half-moist tuft when you go to straighten your hair. Even if it happens to you, it’s still recoverable! 🙂

You can also accessorize your vanilla and wear them like that for a few days if you want. They are called mini twists.

Once the twists are dry, simply undo them by going from the tips to the root. Be careful not to undo the root directly, this can cause frizz. As soon as you find yourself with the two strands you twisted at first, you can separate them even more according to your initial choice: volume or definition. For volume, you have to separate as much as possible and for definition, you have to separate where your hair naturally separates.

Then, this is where the afro comb (or wide-tooth comb) comes into play. Use it to gently lift the roots. This way, you will hide the demarcation lines between the twisted sections and also to give you volume at the roots. Don’t be afraid of the Afro comb, it does you good. But not too strong though, otherwise…ow! 😉

Secret 6 – Remember: There is no such thing as a perfect method!

Despite all these secrets, know that there is no perfect way to do your hair. Your neighbour’s or sister’s products will not have the same exact effect on your hair. To know what works for you, there is only one solution: test a lot of different methods and products, according to your budget, of course!

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